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Is making a charity car donation smart or foolish?

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    • Individuals across the U.S. are the most powerful force for charity. 
    • In 2013, individuals as a group were again by far the top givers in the U.S. — giving almost $292 billion (or 87%) of the total.
    • This information is as reported in Giving USA 2014: The Annual Report on Philanthropy for the Year 2013, a publication of Giving USA Foundation™. Total reported giving to charity was about $335.2 billion..
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Main Topic: Is making a charity car donation smart or foolish?

  • Introducing — a public service program of SeriousGivers. We’ve put in hundreds of hours to create this new website. I’m darn proud of it.Does a charity car donation make sense?
  • is not a car donation program. SeriousGivers doesn’t have a car donation program. And we don’t plan to have one.
  • Hundreds of thousands of cars have been donated to charity. If you’ve ever thought about donating your used car to charity — you’re not alone.
  • Are car donations different from cash donations?
    • A cash donation you make directly to a charity is a pretty efficient way to give. The charity gets 100% of what you give.
    • The typical car donation involves the sale of your car by or for the charity. After the costs of the donation program, the charity could get less than half of the value of your donated car.
    • Read more.
  • When the charity will use the car directly in its programs, a car donation produces solid benefits for the donor and the charity.
  • The typical car donation program, however, results in the charity receiving 40% or less of the private sale value of the donated car. Here’s the arithmetic,
    • Donated cars are typically sold at auction or for scrap. The proceeds equal the trade-in value or less. That’s a 20% or greater “sales haircut.”
    • Then the typical car donation dealer keeps 50% or more of the proceeds. Actually, in the most recent reports to the CA Attorney General, the dealers kept 69%.
    • So, $2,000 private sale value car, less $400 (20%) sales haircut, produces proceeds of $1,600. Subtract an $800 (50%) dealer percentage, and the charity nets $800 (40%).
  • In many cases, it’s a better overall choice for the owner of the car to sell it themselves and donate part of the proceeds to charities of their choice.
  • So, is making a charity car donation smart or foolish for you?
    • will help you look at your car and your circumstances. And figure out your best approach.
      • The site has handy FAQs section plus a Summary page where you can quickly see the results of the calculations other users have made.
  • Your smart and easy assignment for today:
    • Take 10 minutes and take for a test drive.
    • The START HERE page gives you super fast way to get up to speed.
    • Guess the value of your used car and enter it in step one. In a few minutes, you’ll know the smart approach for you.

Charity-related News

  • Fake charity focused on autism
    • Police in Massachusetts have arrested the operator of a fake charity focused on autism.
    • From a donation point of view, fake charities do double damage. They steal from the donor, and they take money from the people the donor was trying to help.
    • In this case, the scammer focused on public concern about autism. He called his group “Paintballers 4 Autism.”
    • Read more.

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