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How to Become a Master Charity Donor

Go from Rookie to Master Donor in 12 Steps. 34 pages. Digital download (PDF).

Whether you’re just starting out as a charity donor or volunteer, or have been supporting charities for years, How to Become a Master Charity Donor has ideas and tools to help you get to the next level. Click for full description.

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Keep Track of Your Giving

Keep track, maintain your giving focus, help your tax preparer. Includes Giving Inventory form. Two pages.
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Your Charitable Giving Budget

Helps you decide how much current income or assets you’re comfortable donating. Helps you communicate within your family, and respond to requests. Even can help you get your children and/or grandchildren involved. Budgets can work wonders! Includes charitable giving budget template. Two pages.
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Things I Care About

Give to charities that focus their efforts on causes you care about. What makes you angry, sad, happy, passionate or fearful for the future? Those are strong indicators of issues and concerns you care about. Checklist of words and phrases to help refine your thinking. One page.
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Create Your Charity Selection (Bulls-Eye) Criteria

Create two lists to define your charity “bulls-eye” — a Charity Must Have list and a Charity Must NOT Have list. Includes Must Have and Must NOT Have template. Two pages.
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Donate to SeriousGivers

You can use your credit card or PayPal account to donate to SeriousGivers. We’re an IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) charity, and your donation will be a tax-deductible charitable contribution. Go to the Donate page.